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Don't You Wish You Could Stay At This Homestay In South Goa Forever?


    Turiya Villa in Canacona is a heritage homestay that’s a walk away from Patnem and Palolem beaches. With eight rooms housed inside a 100-year-old house (four in the new wing and four in the original heritage villa), a patio, a beautiful garden and small balcaos (sit-outs), it beckons everyone who wants to witness Goa’s serene, village life. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    As Sandesh Prabhu’s holiday-home-meets-passion-project, Turiya’s been fortunate to have received Prabhu’s unbridled creativity. “It felt so wonderful to work on something that’s yours and not based on a client’s brief,” he tells us. He’s a well-known Bombay-based architect and interior design expert and his villa in South Goa is a fine example of what happens when sensitive restoration comes together with the love for interiors. He tells us it took him 18 long months (the homestay opened its doors in 2012) to carefully restore and bring the place to life. And one look at the property and it shows. 

    A lot of what we see is upcycled or refurbished and there’s a keen attention to detail. The rooms are all named after constellations and wear a rustic charm that can rival some of the best boutique hotels the state’s ever seen. A bamboo roof, chikoo tree cover, high ceilings and big French windows are an integral part of the villa. Nope, they aren’t just ornamental additions. They keep the house cool through the year as they don’t have ACs. Does it get unbearable in summer though? We ask. “Yes, March-May gets difficult but we always warn the guests before taking bookings and leave the choice to them,” he says. 

    Turiya’s got in-house help and housekeeping staff to make you feel at home. They collectively ensure that you come back to your room looking stunning as ever and get your tea after a long swim under the sun. That said, you can also use their fully-operational kitchen provided you adult and clean up after yourself. Imagine making yourself a meal and savouring it in that garden with a bottle of bubbly?! Or, you can hit up the beach shacks close by. And if you’re really keen on being a villa potato, there are a couple of neighbouring restaurants that deliver.

    Their pricing is pretty transparent and starts at INR 5k a night for a room, going up to 8k. You can also rent the whole villa too. Unlike a lot of other places, they clearly state their peak and lean season rates so you're never wondering if someone else negotiated a better deal.

    What Could Be Better

    There’s no TV or AC or a recreational room with board games. So, if that bothers you, you need to consider more touristy resorts. 


    If you truly want a relaxing holiday, try making a trip off season when they slash their room rates by almost half. That way, you’ll miss the tourist rush as well.