This Mediterranean Taverna On The Beach Is Our Favourite Sunset Spot In Anjuna

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What Makes It Awesome

Gorgeous sunsets, and your own little Mediterranean taverna, set right by the hillside, looking out onto the sea — we’ve found one hidden in plain sight, right here in Anjuna! This really couldn’t get any better — Zoori’s Bar and Grill is our new favourite spot to hangout during sundown!

This restaurant is spectacularly located right at the main Anjuna beach, only slightly hidden by the cove which is probably why it escapes the tourists. Rustic in its feel, we’re in love with this spot because it’s built right onto the cliff and has a bunch of cosy seating spots that are spread out on different levels.

Soon as you enter, you see a bunch of tables and chairs set up facing the sea, but give this area a miss and head to the right — you’ll come across layered seating built right into the hill. Nicely set up with incongruous wooden and cane furniture, alongside the red oxide flooring, that adds to its old world-homespun feels. We’ve even figured our favourite corner — right at the farthest corner, a narrow corridor like structure leads to a balcao like platform, decorated in all white curtains, always full of sea-breeze. 

They offer a mix of Israeli, Mediterranean, Mexican and seafood options — we tried the turkish beef kebabs and were quite floored by their juicy, melt-in-the mouth texture. The Israeli salad platter we ordered next, came with a variety of dips and spreads, including guacamole, hummus and tahini! And though the platter was initially served with plain bread, the staff very promptly served us pita bread on asking, and did not charge us extra! Gulping this down with chilled beer, while the sea breeze kept reminding us why we love Goa so much and refuse to leave, we couldn’t have asked for an afternoon spent better!


Head here a few hours before sunset and catch the gorgeous sky, replete with colours and patterns, as the sun sets into the azure waters of the Arabian sea!