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This Heritage Walk At Naya Qila Is Going To Fill Our Saturdays With Stories

What's Happening

To make it harder for enemies to enter Golconda Fort, Naya Qila was constructed by Mustafa Khan, who also designed the Toli Masjid. Literally translating to a new fort, this place once boasted of Persian gardens and still has a famous baobab tree called Hatiyan Ka Jihad (whose bark you can climb into), two mosques with exquisite architecture, and two ponds as well. Hyderabad Trails — a local walking tours company is hosting a heritage walk to take you through the untold stories of Naya Qila. Keep your mobile phones charged and go here with gusto. There's a lot to explore!

How's The Venue

Naya Qila is an extension of the Golconda Fort — the Naya Qila is an unexplored heritage site in Hyderabad. A part of it has also been converted into a golf court.

Price Includes

INR 200 per head. 

Make A Note

The entrance gate of Naya Qila is the meeting point for this walk. This is a 2-hour walk, so go in comfortable shoes and carry a water bottle. Also, this is happening on every Saturday in April, so pick your day and go.

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