Bangali Khabar & Adda Thek Now Served With A Twist At This New Cafe!

Gariahat, Kolkata


Adda, golpo, telephones and dial tones - if these things from the past evoke nostalgia and sweet memories making you want to recreate those sepia-toned moments, then the place to do it best would be at the newly-opened Cafe 033. 

What Makes It Awesome

We've grown up to Anjan Dutt fess up his love for Bella Bose over telephone on repeat, and the after school adda with the crush or the best bud over telephone had trained us how to sneak past the parents without getting caught. Of course, the adda has morphed into texts and emojis now, and we've all together given up on the old defunct landline and our STD code 033. But memories need to be refreshed and old times need to be relived, and to lead you into this thought is new Cafe 033.

Named after Kolkata's STD code, this cosy cafe promises to be the nook where you can bring back the adda thek with your friends. The warm hearty vibe with pastel shade furniture and a random mish-mash of cushions, 033 is ideal for long hours of golpo with friends while bingeing on dishes inspired by the city's street foods. You've got to try the pocket-friendly beer-batter fried beguni or the Kolkata Kosha Mangsho wrap. For a more filling option, choose the Special Bengal Chicken Cutlet Burger or go all out with their bangers and mash. For a comfort meal with a friend, order the Thai Green Curry with rice or the Grilled Prawn with Burnt Garlic Rice and bring some sweet memories back with their Seasonal Yoghurt Splash.


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Gariahat, Kolkata