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Offbeat Films, Old LPs & Mystery Games: 10 Ways You Can Have Fun And Make The Most Of Sunday

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Wondering what to do this weekend? We’ve got you covered with this list, and most of them won’t bust a hole in your pocket. So go ahead, gather your squad and let your hair down with these fun activities all around town!

Games People Play

Do you know there are a host of cafes and pubs that also offer board games and pool tables to keep you entertained? Wake up late to a brunch at The Biker’s Café or get a little tipsy at The Irish House and keep yourself busy with the host of nifty board games they have to offer. And if you’re a pool or snooker enthusiast, worry not, pubs like Xrong Place and the dedicated pool parlour, Pool Academy, have got you covered!

Books & Coffee

Make a quick visit to Story on Elgin Road or Oxford Bookstore on Park Street and browse through hundreds of books. These bookstores also come with cute little coffee shops to indulge idle time. So if you are craving a hot beverage, these are the perfect places to eat, sip and read.

For The Art Lover

Is your soul hungry for art? The City of Joy offers a plethora of art galleries to choose from, to satiate your thirst for thought-provoking art. Take a look at Akar Prakar Gallery at Hindustan Park which specialises in all mediums of expression, from photographs and paintings to installations and sculptures. Or The Harrington Streets Art Centre at Ho Chi Minh Sarani which breaks down the orthodox white-cube style of art galleries. This space also has a cafe attached to it.

Browse Old LPs

Free School Street is a treasure trove for anyone who is irrevocably in love with the romance of old vinyls and the sound of classic music. Navigate the lanes and bylanes of Free School Street, browsing through shops for timeless music records. From cheesy Paul Anka to edgy David Bowie, from mellow old ghazals to robust Kishore Kumar, The Beatles, Sound of Music, Manna Dey and Sholay — you will find every genre here.

For The Film Buff

Catch up on some amazing and offbeat films on MUBI. Think of it as a panacea to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. It is a film website that integrates a subscription video-on-demand service, a database, and an online magazine. Available in over 200 territories in the world, the service focuses on international arthouse cinema. Grab a bowl of cheesy popcorn and Coke, and let the lights dim while you enjoy what might become your next favourite motion picture.

Seek Warmth In A Cuppa

Fall is in the air, and it calls for a hot cuppa. We love the varieties of tea offered at The Whistling Kettle and Dolly’s The Tea Shop (in Dakshinapan). And The Lighthouse Cafe, Sienna, 8th Day Cafe, Zee's Coffeeshop, Mrs Magpie and Artsy are our favourites when it comes to coffee or hot chocolate.

For The Adventurer

Put on your thinking caps, young detectives as you take on the rain at these fun escape games. Bring your squad to Espionage or the Mystery Rooms, and spend the rain-soaked afternoons with an adrenaline kick and some Sherlock-style sleuthing.

For The History Lover

Love the stories of civilisations past? Stroll along the hallowed corridors of some of the most famous museums in the country. We recommend going to the largest and oldest museum in the world, Indian Museum where among other things, you can see an Egyptian mummy. And if you are a science buff, the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum beckons.

For The Stargazer

If you wish to gaze at a starry sky, Birla Planetarium is where you go to. Check out outer space and marvel at the beauty of our universe. Going to the planetarium is a also a great way to keep kids entertained. So if you are looking for a family outing, this is a great place.

For The Groovy Ones

If you love salsa, then this is going to be your perfect Sunday morning wake-up call! Every Sunday morning, salsa classes are held by the beautiful Sarobar Lake, and you can head for chai afterwards with other salsa nerds like you. A perfect way to let loose and unwind, thiss one is a perfect mood and energy boost for the upcoming weekend. Join the gang between 7 am - 8 pm to learn some basic steps from Hitesh Teckchandani - for no charge at all!