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Unicorn To Activated Charcoal: Try 9 Food Trends Of 2017 Before The Year Ends


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Charcoal ice creams, unicorn frappucccinos, pizza in a cone and more — these are the food trends of the year which must be on your Insta feed.


    Unicorns and rainbows were flooding our Instagram feeds. You can order the prettiest unicorn cupcakes from home baker Sweet Escape. New kid on the block, S’blended is also doing the city’s first unicorn milkshake {which they home deliver is dainty glass bottles} — get yours here. FYI there’s a unicorn art festival coming soon. Get all the deetz here.

    Activated Charcoal

    Sometimes we like to eat how we dress: in black. Activated charcoal was everywhere — from ice cream to drinks and even in vada pavs! We scoured the city for black-as-your-soul grub and this is what we found.

    Caffeine Fix

    8th Day Cafe & Bkaery is the first one to bring all the American trends to the city especially when it comes to coffee. They started both Nitro Coffee as well as Keto Coffee {of the keto diet that helped AIB’s Tanmay Bhat lose over 100 kilos!}. Check out why we love it here.


    Freakshakes have arrived in the city and we are stoked {and high on sugar!}. Brickwood’s Brownie Lava freakshake had us drooling from the day it was launched — this is one calorie-ridden dessert you have to try.

    Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea made a brief appearance in the city in summer which soon died down much to our dismay. We still love the little pops of bubble that burst in your mouth when you drink it – here’s where you can get it.

    Pizza Cones

    Probably the biggest sensation in the city, food in cones made it easier for people to eat on the go. Pizza cone joints sprung up left right and centre and we were in love with the shape of them. Score your own cone here {starting at just INR 55} before the year ends.


    Who would have thought but veganism has totally become a thing in this city of fish and meat lovers! Lots of Kolkatans {and those returning to Kolkata from abroad} are in the search for healthy and truly vegan food. LBB hunted down places for great vegan food in the city — check it out here.

    Ice Cream Rolls

    Playing with desserts was definitely on Food Agenda 2017 and ice cream rolls was one of those inventions that the city seemed to love. With a smoother texture than regular ice cream, it was just fun to eat our fave dessert rolled up into pieces. Check it out here.

    Liquid Nitrogen

    Insipred by Masterchef and all things Heston Blumenthal, it was so much fun to see liquid nitrogen {complete with those fancy goggles and gloves!} make its way on to our plates. Nitrogen ice cream joints sprung up and here are a few that we found that we loved.