Movember Special: 8 Grooming Products Your Can Gift The Men In Your Life

Editors posted on 15 November


This the month of No-Shave November or Movember! Perfect chance to ditch the shaving and grow out an enviable moustache and beard (to help raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health). We have compiled a list of the best guys' grooming products made for taming the beard or keeping your stache sharp. 

Ustraa Beard Wash & Softener

That dense and long beard of yours needs maintenance to keep it healthy and good looking. Ustraa’s Beard Softener keeps your beard manageable, and it’s without toxic ingredients like SLS and parabens. The beard wash contains rosemary oil (which will control dandruff) and almond oil rich in Vitamin E and lactic acid which fight dryness and makes the beard strong. 

Brahma Bull Moustache & Beard Wax

Want a sculpted ‘stache that stays in place and doesn’t fall into your mouth every time you eat something? Try the Brahma Bull Moustache & Beard Wax. Made with natural ingredients like beeswax, jojoba oil, and lanolin, it will give you a medium hold and is perfect for a natural style and it will last all day. 

Beard Bros By The Man Company

Gift someone the Beard Bros gift set from The Man Company. The set has their Beard Bros Almond & Thyme Beard Oil, Argan & Geranium Beard Oil, Lavender & Cedar Wood Beard Oil, Almond & Thyme Beard Wash, Argan & Geranium Beard Wash, and Lavender & Cedar Wood Beard Wash. All the oils are 100% natural. 

Saint Beard Oil Sage's Wisdom

Get the lemon and orange fragrance to revive your senses with the goodness of argan, hazelnut and jojoba oils in Beard Oil Sage’s Wisdom. We loved the citrusy notes (lemon and orange). 

Lavender and Cedar Set

Pamper your beard with The Man Company’s Lavender and Cedar beard wash which moisturises the skin, increases hair growth and has anti-bacterial benefits. Follow up with Lavender & Cedar Wood Beard Oil which has aromatic and stress relieving properties, and also works wonders for hair.

Daari Mooch Strong Hold Mustache Wax

Shape, condition and control your facial hair all day long with this wax which provides a firm hold to tame even the most unruly of ‘staches and beards, ensuring it stays up for longer. It comes in five blends and is available in 30gm and 5 gm. Both sizes can be carried easily in your pocket. 

More About Movember

No-Shave November is meant to bring awareness to men’s health. It all started as a movement in 2003 when two friends in Melbourne decided to grow moustaches for charity. Since then, the charity has raised £402m and funded more than 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. To help raise that awareness, instead of wearing a colored ribbon, men are encouraged to grow a moustache as their “ribbon” reminding each of us of the importance of men’s health.