‘90s Sweets and Imported Goodies: We Found A Shop That Sells It All

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We found a shop that sells everything 90s – from Zubi mints to Magic Pops and every foreign candy you can imagine… and it’s all genuine!

What Makes It Awesome

This tiny non-descript gem of a shop called Lav Kush can be found in the lane near Vardaan market. If you exit from the main entrance, take a left and another left into the narrow lane. You’ll find it right next to Lifeline and the stationery shop. Its worth the hunt because this shop sells all the candy you used to eat back in the ’90s and has a huge stock of genuine imported products.

All the ‘90s kids, you’ll thank us after this. Remember all your favourite sweets as kids that you thought were around anymore, well they are! Magic Pops {those little packets of popping candy in every flavour from cola to berry}, Chocky (sticks of wafer dipped in melted chocolate), Cho Cho (the melty chocolate strips that you have to suck out), Big Babool and all your favourite chewing gums including the ones that come with tattoos, you get tons of stuff that will give you major ‘90s feels.

They’re stocked with original products from all over the world – Thailand, Dubai, Switzerland – and it’s mostly sweets, candies and chocolates! Sour Punk, Wonka’s Nerds, Hubba Bubba, Galaxy Chocolates, Cadbury varieties that you don’t get commonly in Kolkata – like Flake, all the Lindt chocolates and so much more. 

They also import bottled Starbucks frappuccinos straight from USA and the original Pringles in all the ‘foreign’ flavours (they have Cheddar Cheese and Pizza flavour too!) that taste very different (and much better) than the ones that are locally produced.

Pro Tip

If you buy enough stuff, the owner will give you a discount {which you will probably need because the goodies are sold at their foreign MRPs which can be steep in INR. It’s still cheaper than buying the products online and you’re guaranteed of quality. If they don’t have an item that you want, you can make a special request with the owner and he’ll get the treats you want within 48 hours. Pick up tons of these little goodies for your midnight snack or throw it together and create a hamper for bae.