Spend Your Holidays Feeling Like A Royal At Rani Kothi In Darjeeling


    The summer palace for maharajas from Burdwan could be your elite getaway to the scenic natural beauty to the hills while enjoying modern amenities.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The renowned blue architectural splendor is the perfect hotel for travelers seeking escape from the hustle-bustle of life into the Darjeeling hills. Located just 10 km from the Tiger Hills, the Burdwan Palace is perfectly surrounded by alluring scenery. The Burdwan Palace, as the name suggests, belonging to the erstwhile royal family of the Burdwan province is just 10m drive away from the city centre and 69 km away from its nearest airport, Bagdogra.

    The residency has a number of amenities including a garden, terrace and free WiFi, yet the best part is their guest house catering in-home restaurant. Also each room comes with desk table, fat screen TV and even a wardrobe for guests. The daily availability of a breakfast (Continental and vegetarian) makes it even better for fussy eaters. 

    Need more reason to stay at the palace? You can also pay a visit to places like Mahakal Mandir, a Japanese peace pagoda, the Zoogical Park - all just two to three kilometres away from the accommodation. 


    Best season to visit Darjeeling for a perfect vacay would be March to May and October to December.