Calling All Altitude Junkies: Go On An Expedition To Climb The 7th Highest Mountain In The World


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Situated in western Nepal, Dhaulagiri, one of the coveted peaks, standing tall at 8167 meters as the seventh highest mountain in the world, is an ideal choice if you are prepared to test yourself before you trek the other giants.

What Makes It Awesome

Dhaulagiri is reflected as one of the most fascinating peaks to climb. ‘Dhawala Giri’, Sanskrit for ‘white mountain’, is an appropriate name for the high peak which is always cloaked in snow. In clear weather, you can see the magnificent Dhaulagiri from the entire north of Bihar and even Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. What’s more? This peak also rises above the deepest river gorge in the world - the Kaligandaki Gorge. Dhaulagiri itself is really a series of six peaks marked Dhaulagiri I,II, III, IV, V and VI, but only Dhaulagiri I is a 8000m plus peak. Naturally, the region is known as the Dhaulagiri Massif. A circumnavigation of the massif is a dream for trekkers.

Although the NorthEast Ridge route is considered as the normal route, Dhaulagiri has been scaled from almost every direction. It was the team of Swiss /Austrian Mountaineers led by Kurt Diemberger who first reached to the top of Mt. Dhaulagiri on 13th May 1960.

If you are up for the challenge, know that the Dhaulagiri Expedition will last almost 7 weeks. Fly to Kathmandu and from there to Pokhra, after that drive to Takam, from where a weeklong trek to the basecamp (4750m) begins. Then, a challenging trek to the next three camps (5850m, 6400m & 7400m) before you reach the summit. Many veteran mountaineers are of the opinion that ‘Dhaulagiri-I is not as difficult a climb as Kanchenjunga or Annapurna, but its uniqueness lies in the fierce winds around the peak’. Mountaineers have named it the Mountain of Storm. Dhaulagiri will leave you in awe of its beauty. Once you reach the summit, the sheer satisfaction and thrill of having made it through one of the most challenging routes will be overwhelming.


If you are looking to get started, get in touch with Mountaineers’ Association of Krishnanagar in West Bengal. They regularly organise high altitude treks and mountaineering expeditions.