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Parents! Say No To Screen Time And Bring Montessori Home With Little Miracles

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What Makes It Awesome

The pandemic has turned our world upside down and the most affected by this is our children. Schools shut and online classes galore - adjusting to the so called ‘new normal’ has not just been tough but in many ways have hampered their natural curiosity, creativity and spontaneity. 

Though it might look like the need of the hour, but nothing can be good enough a reason to make 2-3 year olds sit in front of the screen! As a parent if you have been deeply concerned about your child’s screen time and how the present form of learning is taking a toll on them, specially the young ones, then Little Miracles has a solution that you would want to listen to. Since your little ones cannot go to school, Little Miracles is bringing school home and wait for the best part - minus the screen! 

How does that work? Little Miracles have created activity sets for your young ones as per their age, interest, preference and pace. Each set consist of 8-10 activities per week and these sets are rotated every Monday. A fixed time slot is given each Monday when you can go and pick up the activity set pertaining to your child. All materials are sanitised in front of you before you take it home to your child. The idea is to create a workspace at home for children and keep a fixed slot during the day to work with them. 

This way of teaching your child has huge benefits. The obvious one is that you have completely taken the screen out of the equation. Besides, if you have been really aching to spend some ‘quality time’ with your kids amidst all those zoom meetings then this really helps. Interestingly, the focus of these specially curated activities is not only on academic concepts but also on food preparation, daily life skills like stitching, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc , art and craft activities, botany, geography and sensorial. After all that's how learning should be - engaging and exciting!


Check out their Facebook page or call on 6290938423 for further details.