Minty Coffee, Cinnamon Orange, Strawberry Custard: We Are Drooling Over This Brand’s Handmade Soaps

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What Makes It Awesome

Nahao Bath Range experiments with interesting combinations of fresh, locally sourced, natural ingredients and pure essential oils to bring you handmade soaps that take care of all kinds of skin & health problems, from pesky acne to stubborn tan to seasonal allergies.

Take a quick peek into Nahao’s product catalogue and you will wonder whether you are looking at a variety of bathing soaps or cupcakes! Sweet Lemonade, Minty Coffee, Strawberry Custard or Cinnamon Orange - the bathing bars go by names as delicious as their appearance. None of these are tested on animals which is a big thumbs up in our book.

Summer acne wreaking havoc on your skin? Try their Summer Skin Bar enriched with jasmine & tea tree oils to ease out the bumps. Nasal congestion making you miserable? Pick up their Cold Relief Cakes made with eucalyptus oil to give you a much needed relief from allergic cold. Indulge in the freshness of Macho Musk Bar or Black Jasmine Bar that will help you detox and relax after a hard day’s labour. Don’t miss out on their bestselling Lavender Loofah Cups made out of natural gourd scrubber and lavender oil to treat those tired and rough feet.

Nahao can help you customise your own bathing bar too. Simply, choose a shape (gem-shaped, tapered floral etc), base (goat milk or charcoal), moisturizer (aloe vera, shea butter etc), exfoliant (orange peel, oatmeal, walnut shell etc), essential oils, colours, and get the soap you desire delivered to your doorstep.

You can even fill up the ‘tubscription’ form on their website and ‘tubscribe’ to get a surprise bathing bar delivered to home every month for INR 1,200 a year.

What Could Be Better

A bigger range with non-glycerine base soaps would be great.


Gift your loved ones Nahao’s beautifully wrapped bath hampers that include bathing bars, bath salts, face packs, towels, loofahs and more.