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These DIY Boxes Have Everything You Need For That Perfect Dinner Table Setting

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What Makes It Awesome

Food simply tastes better when had from a chic plate that’s placed on a well-laid table. Finding amazing dining table decor inspo is never really a challenge with Pinterest and Instagram to the rescue. The real task is to find the table decor products that you see in those pictures. VPOP founded by Varuna Chand is a brilliant concept that takes the stress out of hosting dinner parties and laying out that perfect table for your guests.

VPOP offers DIY table decor boxes that contains everything you need to achieve a stunning table setting. Candles, flowers, holders, runners, napkin rings and more - all you got to do is lay it out as per your preference. They have passionately curated, and custom-designed, these first of its kind boxes for all festivities and occasions. So you can safely bid goodbye to any last-minute shopping hassle in order to make your dining area presentable and inviting. 


Setting a colour palette is a good way to start, then you can group up a few items to make the table shine. Focussing on the little things makes a big difference. Like tying the cutlery into a bundle with ribbon or twine to create a focal point on the plates. It’s all in the detail.