Drop By Bru Mugs Cafe For An Awesome Gastronomical Evening!

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Some cafes are more about passion than anything else - I would like to define BRU MUGS CAFE in that zone - a brainchild of dear Saibal da and Papia di - you can notice that passion in almost every word they speak about their cafe and rightly so because I strongly believe that the backbone of this cafe is the passion behind it..

Although it's close to two years old already but very few people seem to know about this place apart from it's regular set of staunch loyalists - the moment you enter - it will instantly exude an European charm like none other - you will feel like you have entered a French Bistro by the countryside - every corner of the cafe has an aesthetic appeal..

It's any caffeine lover and/or Continental food lover's paradise - wonderful coffees followed by delicious continental delicacies awaits you at this beautiful bistro.. We tried the following coffees: Cappuccino, Expresso Macchiato, Sweet Vietnamese Coffee, Sparkling Coffee Blue and Cappuccino - each one of them had a distinct taste and flavour - you need to try them yourself to feel the same..

Incase, if you are a shake lover - Crunchy Brownie Shake and Peanut Butter Oreo Shake are strongly recommended and if you are in the mood for some mocktails - do try their Cucumber Lemonade, Mint Mojito or Immunity Booster Drink (a necessity in today's world for obvious reasons)..

We also tried the following Continental delicacies:

Baked Fish: Kolkata Bhetki baked with cheese and served with sauteed veggies - an absolute delight.

Chilly Orange Fish: An innovative delicacy where every bite of Kolkata Bhetki will have a chilly cum orange flavour to it..

Egg Benedict: Very few places in Kolkata serves you this delicacy and they certainly serve you the best version..

Piggy Sub: As the name suggests, this one is any pork lover's delight - what makes it even more appealing and fresh is the fact that all the breads used in any of their preparations are self baked by them..

Grilled BarbQue Chicken Sandwich is pretty heavy because of the fact that it is stuffed with loads of grilled chicken and cheese..

Olive Stuffed Chicken was yet another unique continental delicacy they serve that one shouldn't miss out on..

Fish and; chips: The classic continental delicacy which is sold almost everywhere but rarely made to perfection - thankfully, the one you get to taste here is made of the best quality Kolkata Bhetki always which ensures you get the best taste every time..

All Meat Burger is a must try for any burger lover - the in-house baked buns are soft plus the freshly made pork patty and bacon makes it irresistible..

Pork Chops out here is sheer porkgasm - check the size in the picture below - need i say anything more

All Meat French Platter was a delight to my tastebuds because of the outstanding quality of their imported sausages, ham and bacon - genuinely floored to say the least..

Last but not the least, Caramel Pudding and Brownie with Icecream were the perfect set of desserts to end an amazing meal on a high.. If you wish to end it on a coffeelicious note - I would suggest going for the Affogatto Dessert..

Thank you dear Papia di and Saibal da for your gracious hospitality - can't wait to be back again at the soonest

My humble two cents: must visit (incase if you haven't already)