Check Out The Wonderful & Exclusive Pineapple Menu At This Place!


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Back to one of my favourite continental food joints in the city - where else but Ekdaliard Exxpress at Patuli to try out their recently launched special PINEAPPLE menu - had to drop in because I am a die-hard lover

    * Ekdalia RD Special Hawain Burger was an unparalleled gastronomical ecstasy, to say the least - they can make you a #pork version as well which I opted for although the menu officially has #chicken on it only - the buns were super soft - the potato wedges were a delight along with the homemade kasundi - of course, the pork patty was fresh & juicy plus the addition of pineapple took it to a different high altogether.

    * Pork Steak with Pineapple Saucen Herb Rice & Baby Chicken with Pineapple Sauce n Herb Rice was cooked in the same pineapple sauce & served with herb rice but yet they were so distinctly different in terms of taste although both of them were a treat to my tastebuds.

    * Pineapple Pie with that crunchy base will linger on my tastebuds for quite some time.

    The Triple Layered Mocktail was a much-needed respite from the sultry weather outside.

    Couldn't manage the HawainPizza anymore because we were all stuffed to the brim but I can vouch for the amazing quality of their pizzas since I have had them before.

    This special Pineapple Festival is supposed to continue throughout August as of now and the food is available for delivery

    Thank you dear Tanusree & Arindam for your company. Lovely catching up with you both as always dear Anurika & Shauvik da

    Thank you dear Rakhee & Surojit da for your gracious hospitality as always