Check Out This Pocket Friendly Outlet For Yum Tibetan Food!

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Kolkata is the melting pot for various food, and Tibetan food is one such delicacy that captures the city dwellers’ hearts and minds. A plate full of juicy momo with fiery sauce and clear soup is the comfort food for many when the mercury drops down. Denzong Kitchen is a pocket-friendly option and rules the heart of students for its offerings. However, aside from momo, there are other Tibetan delicacies that significantly fewer people want to explore.

Let’s first make it clear that momo originated from Tibet, and in Nepal, another variety of momo evolved, which is known as kothey. I first encountered kothey at Kathmandu and since then fell in love with this. Chicken Cheese Kothey is a half fried and half steamed momo. The frying leaves the outer skin slightly charred and crispy, which gives kothey an exciting texture. While the filling of chicken and cheese retains its juiciness and creamy finish from cheese. Being a frequent eater at Denzong Kitchen, I observed that the circular kothey size becomes smaller day-by-day – this is disappointing

Chicken Shapta is a Tibetan gravy. However, at Denzong Kitchen, this is prepared as stir-fried meat. The preparation is slightly spicy with flavors of chili and ginger. They toss chunks of boneless chicken with soy sauce, tomatoes, capsicum, and spring onion. A good option for evening snacks. It is not a bad combo in the winter evening with rum and coke.

Chicken Phaley or Sha Phaley is a deep-fried dough preparation stuffed with minced meat. Meat is sautéed with ginger, garlic onion, and chili and stuffed inside the dough. The dough is semi-circle in shape with a crimped edge. The outer layer is crispy and filled with juicy and flavorful meat. Like momo, a widely loved breakfast menu in the Tibetan community. Unfortunately, I do not find this a regular on their menu.

Chicken Thukpa is a famous soupy noodle from the Himalayan region. Belonging to Tibet, this recipe came to India with its Tibetan migrants. Loaded with vegetables, chicken, noodles, and all dunked in a yummy broth. The flavour of ginger adds a zing to the refreshing broth.  Gyathuk  is another variant of thukpa. Chicken Gyathuk has Chinese noodles or spaghetti added to it with chicken and egg. The soup is a bit creamy and topped with an omelette. These heartfelt dishes will make one’s winter warmer.


Souvik is from The City of Joy, Kolkata and a passionate Bong foodie who cherishes his gastronomical journey. Loves to blog them to spread awareness.