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You Can Have Authentic Kabul Dishes At This Afghani Restaurant, & It Stays Open Till Midnight

Moyurie posted on 23 September


Good news for meat-lovers and cosmopolitan foodies – we found an Afghani restaurant in town!

Chow Down

If your heart (and taste buds, of course) crave cuisines which cross all man-made borders, Kabul Kolkata at Park Circus is a place you should not miss out on. They serve authentic Afghani cuisine, which is whipped up by chef Gul Mohammad- an Afghan from Kabul.

If you dig around a little, you will find that the previous owner Nawab Khan {a man from Kabul} aimed to bring the flavours of his native land to a city which has a history of sheltering Afghan immigrants during the British rule. Kabul Kolkata is the first of its kind, to serve the cuisine of Afghanistan, which is cooked in the most authentic and traditional ways by Afghan chefs.

Nawab Khan sold the property to Hasan Khan, who now owns it.

The décor and presentation of the dishes is modest and simple, and if you sit in the ground floor you might even get a glimpse of your orders being cooked. The menu left us spoilt for choice- and for meat-lovers, Kabul Kolkata is paradise right here in the city.

What We Love

Our favourites from the menu is the Afghani Naan {which is so huge that it can be easily shared by three people!} and the creamy and spicy Afghani Murg Handi for INR 60 and INR 250 respectively. You must also try the Kabuli Pulao {INR 150} which consists of rice, veggies and a succulent piece of lamb.

Kabul Kolkata is known for cooking tandoori dishes in an actual tandoor {clay oven}. But fair warning- the servings are pretty loaded, so an adequate appetite is a must.

Anything Else?

Want to know what’s the best part about eating at this restaurant? Not only the food, but also the sheer affordability of the place. Not only do you get to taste food which cooked by an incredible Afghani chef, but you also get to save some major bucks if your pocket is a little tight. You can easily have a filling solo meal at around INR 250/300.

What blew our minds is that it remains open from 6 in the morning to 12 at midnight.

So, We're Saying...

Head to this little gem next time you are in the mood for something new, especially late at night. Most of the dishes are cooked and flavoured without {or with very little} oil.

Where: 6, Jhowtalla Road, Near 7 Point Crossing, Park Circus Area, Kolkata. Nearest landmark: Opposite Jhaal Farezi.

Cost: Approx INR 500 for two.

Timings: 6AM to 12AM.

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Fast Food Restaurants

Kabul Kolkata

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locationPark Circus

6, Jhowtalla Road, Near 7 Point Crossing, Park Circus Area, Kolkata

Fast Food Restaurants

Kabul Kolkata

locationPark Circus