Mezze Platters To Mediterranean Wall Art & Sisha: Salt Lake's Fave Hangout Is Back With A Bang!

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Salt Lake City Centre fell a little from our graces when Afraa closed doors on us.  We scouted around to found only 'bleh' little cafes and sad looking pubs to make for our hangouts. Until recently, when Afraa relaunched again and we took our troops to go traipsing around the lounge and restro!

What Makes It Awesome

The wooden decor, the dreamy Mediterranean wall art, the dimly lit interiors and the dramatically done up booths left our jaws unhinged once we stepped into the newly revamped Afraa. It seriously won't be a stretch to say, you can totally imagine yourself walking down a Mediterranean bazar with the pastel greens, pale yellows, mandarins and pinks doing up the high walls as tall foliage, birds and landscapes. 

Spread across two connected floors, the Afraa lounge sits on the sixth floor and the restro on the floor above it. Sit around in the lounge near the DJ's console for a more informal vibe or you can tuck yourself with the gang in one of those booths that have ornate wooden chandeliers casting a trippy vibe to it. You can also order up a sisha and sit outside on the balcony to enjoy the cool winds and a good conversation.

It goes without saying that when in a Mediterranean diner you've got to try the mezze platter, and when in Afraa it's an elaborate affair to indulge in. With more than three kinds of mezze platters and several more kebab platters, you'll hardly want anything else to binge on. The platters (you've go to try the Half A Dozen Mezze) are good for a small group, but when hunger trolls your tummy, you can try their signature burrata salad or the epsuma with tahini. For something more wholesome there's the kebab platters too!

If you're the sort who can't get enough of your comfort food, then there's pizzas and pastas here to sink your teeth in. This aside, there's a full-stocked bar to keep you sipping and chugging.

What Could Be Better

Though a Mediterranean diner, the spread is kind of limited when it comes to that cuisine. For desserts, there's nothing exciting than the usual baklava to indulge in.


Good thing, they have happy hours on all days between 2pm to 7pm. And on Sunday's they have a plate-to-pan brunch buffet that you can enjoy on either of the two floors of Afraa.