Nitro Coffee & Pumpkin Latte: 8th Day Is Bringing American Trends To Kolkata

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Move over Starbucks, 8th Day Café and Bakery has not just nitro coffee but also butter coffee and an entire pumpkin-based menu.

Coolest Coffee Trends

Nitro and coffee, 8th Day Café is ramping up Kolkata’s cool quotient with the latest coffee trends. Nitro coffee is unlike any other cold coffee you’ve tasted.

Regular cold coffee is just hot coffee which has been refrigerated to become cool. Nitro coffee, on the other hand, is brewed cold for 12 hours. Because of how long it’s brewed for, the caffeine hit is extreme. If you need to power through the day or have back-to-back meetings, this cup will keep you going!

Check out the awesome coffee dispenser-machine brought all the way from Delhi. The coffee itself is a very dark brown and slightly on the bitter side but has a smooth flavour. The nitrogen gives it a cool chemistry-experiment like composition and a smooth white foam on the top. A cup will set you back INR 179.

8Th Day is also introducing a new butter coffee. All the rage in the US, Butter Coffee is made with unsalted butter, coconut oil and coffee. No more unhealthy mid-day snacking, this coffee is so heavy, it’ll keep you full through the day.

Pumpkin To My Pie

Get on the American bandwagon with pumpkin-spiced everything. 8th Day has a special pumpkin fall menu which will give you all the Halloween feels. Made with fresh pumpkin, the desserts are flavourful and warming. The pumpkin pie has a blonde crust with a smooth pumpkin filling which goes perfect with a steaming cup of coffee. The pie has a hit of cardamom which gives a boost to the flavour. Grab a slice for INR 119.

The pumpkin bread for INR 59 {you can even take it home in a doggy bag} is light and moist, with a punch of spice that hits the back of your throat in the most soothing way. Coffee lovers, there’s even more reason to rejoice! They also do a pumpkin spice latte {for INR 169} similar to the ones you see on Instagram.


You’ll often see passionate owner, Grant, {sitting at his laptop typing away} at the shop – he’s determined to bring American trends to the city.