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A Little Salty & A Whole Lotta Sweet: This Waffle House Will Keep You Snacking On

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When it comes to waffles, plenty of places come to the mind. But if the matter at hand is about being 'waffled-for-good' then the place to check out is definitely American Waffle House (and mind you, we're not simply talking about the dessert variety!).

What Makes It Awesome

In the mood for some sweet snacking? Waffles are definitely a good thing to binge on, but if you're bored of the usual chocolatey fare then you've got to try those from American Waffle House (AWH). Avoid the chocolate overdose and gorge on their Sensi Coconut waffle to indulge in some local flavours. The butterscotch waffle (we absolutely loved it) comes topped with butterscotch balls (even if you don't order extra toppings!) and is another must-try. To make things sweeter, try their Berry Cookie shake or the Oreo one.

Keeping up with the name (Americans make waffles with legit everything, I guess!), AWH is set to introduce savoury waffles from next week. You can indulge in flavours such as spicy herbs, cheesy tomato, cheese special and much more. And with everything priced between INR 75 to INR 175, this is super healthy for the pocket and deliciously tasty on the palate.


With AWH delivering till 1am, we betcha nothing can kill your midnight cravings like these waffles.