This Brand's Handcrafted, Fresh Herbal Teas Are Exactly What We Need To Start Our Day!

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What Makes It Awesome

There's nothing better than a hot cup of tea to start the day with, right? Or at least I believe that a cup of tea will fix anything! Arouse Tea is one such saviour! The brand offers natural, high-quality herbal teas that have been harvested using traditional methods. What I like is that you can have them either hot or cold, so you have options! 

I ordered the Kashmiri Kahwa and Moringa Lemon Grass teas and simply loved it. Kahwa is a popular beverage in Kashmir and I like the brand's version of it - green tea blended with roasted almonds, cardamoms and saffron strands. Both the flavours are super comforting and refreshing. Of course I haven't had this in Kashmir, but this gives me quite the experience sitting at home. All I need to do is pretend I am on a shikara on Dal Lake!

Arouse has lots of other varieties to choose from. From cinnamon, peppermint and tulsi flavours to exotic rose green, hibiscus and oregano, they have it all.

Prices start at INR 200.


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