This Kolkata Artist's Gorgeous Illustrations Can Add Magic To Your Walls

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tired of staring at dull walls with posters peeling up at the corners? Want to spruce up a dreary corner in your casa or workspace? Call Mark D’ Rozario, a Kolkata artist to enliven those walls with his stupendous artwork.

    Remember the new cat-themed cafe in Park Street we wrote about? It had some cool art on the walls. Mark did that. So that’s who you will be getting down to quirk up your home!

    Mark heads the wall art wing at The Indian Artist and together with his small team, they have been providing some really cool pieces of wall art for the last 18 months across the city. You will see his art at places like The Grid, Afra Tafri, Apeejay ‘Bangla Sahittyo Utsob’, Twist (Kanchrapara) and even for brands such as; Audi (in Bhuvaneshwar) and Puma (for their Suede Gully Campaign in Shillong).

    Wearing harnesses and climbing shaky ladders, with a brush in one hand and a paint bowl in the other is what a normal day in Mark’s life looks like. He is passionate about creating wall art. Starting with a small-scale design on paper, and then recreating it at a much larger scale on a wall is what he finds quite exciting. Mark prefers applying acrylic paints using brush and also using spray paints when needed. His artworks are not just the usual Graffiti text artworks that you see in the gullies of our city but often revolve around a certain theme.

    His charges range from INR 400 to INR 800 a square foot depending on the design and medium of work. You can e-mail him at or call him at +91 9051078087.


    Don’t weigh you walls down with expressionless wallpapers. Instead give them a personality to match yours with custom-designed wall arts.