Artsy's New Menu Is Sorting Our Breakfast & Snacking For Good!

    Bhowanipur, Kolkata


    Nothing beats a hearty breakfast, but you're so bored of the usual pancakes and beans on toast stuff? Arty's got new offers on the menu, and they promise to definitely shake things up for your taste buds!

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you've been struggling to choose your all-time-faves, then the new additions in Artsy's menu are only going to make that decision tougher. It’s no news that a good breakfast spread means a good day. With the new menu armed with several breakfast options, you can now make your day with choices ranging from Avocado Toast to South Indian Masala Toast to having eggs your ways! For the afternoon snack on their refreshing fruit bowl, or if hunger trolls you then try their Butter Paneer (or chicken) Panini.

    And as if this wasn’t cool enough, they have also introduced a ‘DIY Panini’ for the control freaks, i.e., you get to choose your own bread, protein, veggies and sauces to make your very own customised panini! 

    The beverage section hasn't seen a whole lot of new stuff, but as long as we get that beautiful Vietnamese Iced Coffee or the amazing Blue Tokai Mocha coffee, we're not complaining! 

    What Could Be Better

    The new menu might be a little complicated to gloss through with all those squares to function your head around!


    The tiny lane that houses Artsy will not be the most parking friendly, so maybe you'd like to leave your car behind!

      Bhowanipur, Kolkata