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Get Your Favourite Asian Cuisines At Your Doorstep!

    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Mamasan: For the love of authentic asian cuisine! What if I recommend you a place that is pocket friendly yet serving their best right from quantity,quality and keeping absolute hygiene intact?!

    •Packaging on point, Airtight containers to keep your parcel/food secure.
    •Tissue papers and disposable Spoons.

    Coming to the food,

    •Clear Soup•
    Mild soup loaded with lots of veggies and baby corn, To begin with, it was good.

    • Som tam veg salad•
    The vibrant medley of flavours , fresh shredded papaya in jaggery and thai sauce topped with a dash of lime and crunchy peanuts

    •Thai Chilli Basil Momo•
    The fresh flavour of basil in a chicken minced dumplings, super soft and mingles so gracefully to your taste buds

    •Drums of Heaven•
    The oozing flavour in every bite, if you are someone who loves to eat spicy just in the beginning this one is totally for you. My personal recommendation

    •Korean Bibimbap (The Signature Large Bowl)' Chicken•
    For a change this time the order was something different, apart from always ordering the main course with the side dish this time my heart deserved a change and for a change ordered this one, trust me it was worth it.
    The mild spicy chicken tossed comes in with a lot of quantity in a bowl.
    We had to share it between 2. The bowl comes with a good quantity of basmati rice and fresh boiled veggies.
    It was a positive and great decision for a change

    Looking forward to ordering soon from this Outlet.
      Ballygunge, Kolkata