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These Burgers Are Beasts! Treat Yourself Now!

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A few days back I ordered from Hondo's, from their Chinar Park outlet. Hondo's was in my bucket list for a long time. I ordered the following dishes, mostly of pork.

• Chicken Cocktail Sausage- I saw pictures of these sausages in their Facebook page, it looked amazing, so thought of giving it a try. These were basically small, stir-fried sausages served with skewed onions. The sausages were extremely fresh, compared to the sausages that I had from other places.

• Hellboy- The first thing to attract me about this dish was the name. This burger was a spicy one, so if you are not a fan of spicy sauces, then you should try the other ones. You can have your choice of meat, you can choose from beef, pork or chicken patty. The beef/pork/chicken patty was tossed with their special sauce which was a bit spicy, seasoned with Cajun spice & topped with onion rings. I added Bacon's into the burger which cost me 100 bucks extra.

• Double Cheezzz Delight- This one was my brother's choice. This burger had double beef patty along with double cheese inside the grilled buns, with pickles, lettuce & tomatoes.

• Baloo- I am a big fan of pork dishes. The name of this dish might be different, but it is a side-dish of classic roasted chilli pork along with onions and bell peppers.

• Oriental Chicken Rice- Oriental style rice, fused with veggies and shredded chicken.