Steaks, Kathi Rolls & Biryanis: Here Are 8 Beef Dishes We Can't Get Enough Of

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Beef ban? What’s that? Kolkata is still lucky enough to have awesome-sauce beef dishes and here are our top ten for any budget.

Kathi Rolls from UP Bihar

There’s nothing better than a hot roll on a rainy evening. This signature crispy roll comes at a steal deal of INR 29. If you’re all about contrasting textures, this crisp parantha, soft cuts of beef, caramlised onions and bits of chilli will be your paradise. If you’re feeling indulgent, the egg double kathi roll is the path to take. If you’re going with family, you can ask for a family ‘room’ which is a small personal cubicle where you can sit and enjoy your rolls.

Bacon And Cheddar Steak at Chilis

Carnivores alert – we found your paradise! Chilis will cook the meat to your preference {we prefer it done ‘medium’} and serve it with your choice of sides – mash potato and grilled veggies are our top picks. The hero of the dish, the steak, comes topped with oozy cheddar and bits of crunchy bacon. At INR 595, this steak is slightly on the steep side.

Beef Biryani From Zam Zam

Mounds of rice, giant-yet-soft aloo and melt-in-your-mouth beef cooked in traditional style, Zam Zam has among the best beef biryani the city has to offer. At just INR 70, you get an entire meal for one. We love how the little chunks of beef fall off and the beefy flavour seeps into the rice. It is truly a treat for all the senses – the aroma is irresistible! Beef malai, beef stew, beef bhuna are other awesomesauce dishes on the menu that any carnivore needs to get their hands on!

Beef Steak From Olypub

A chunk of juicy goodness, hearty, peppery, steaming hot and with bags of flavour, Olypub’s beef steaks are legendary. At INR 225 this chunky steak comes with mash, peas, caramelised onions and a sunny-side egg on top – an entire meal for one. Wash it down with a pint of beer for under INR 100!

Beef Potato Chops at DI

Dalhousie Institute {or DI} is known for its Anglo-Indian dishes, the favourite among which is the beef potato chops. Minced beef coated in mash potato and crumb fried, it comes with a side of unique, chunky sweet fries. This crispy piece of deliciousness is available only to members of the club so grab hold of a member to access this. They also serve beef crumb chops, beef jhaal farezi and a sinful chilli beef.

Sinful Steaks At Steak Factory

The name speaks for itself – the Steak Factory has a good variety of juicy steaks. Our favourite is the Factory Special Cheese Tenderloin Steak which comes in a peppery rich brown sauce with a side of fries or mash and veggies. Seafood lovers, get some surf and turf with the Tenderloin and Prawn Steak – it sounds like an odd combination but the Steak Factory nails it and balances the flavours so that the beef doesn’t overpower the more subtle flavours of the prawn.

Juicy Burgers At Burger You

Burger You home delivers juicy meaty burgers that are beef {not buff like in most other places}. Each burger comes with a ¼ pound of beef patty in the middle. We love the Bacon Bob – a giant beef patty and bun, bacon {yay!}, onions, and gherkins; and their Morning Joe {beef for breakfast – count us in!} is amazing. At approximately INR 250, the burgers come with a side of fries and mayo so it’s a complete meal. The burgers do tend to get a bit soggy after a while so try to eat them as soon as possible.

Moroccan Tenderloin Bowl At Irish House

We knew Irish House has an incredible variety of beer, but did you know they have some mean beef dishes as well? This Moroccan-inspired bowl comes with beef that has been marinated in a special mixture of spices, grilled, and served with honey-glazed carrots and cracked wheat {a Middle-Eastern fibre-rich staple} at INR 625. They also serve The Irish Houseburger at INR 445 which is another beefy favourite {and the jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce it comes with is to die for!}.