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Bookmark These Places For Your First Dates

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Quick glances, a smile, tense moves and a whole lot of anticipation. Yes we're talking about first dates. As much as it's important to like the person you're about to meet, the ambience plays an equally important role. Here's a curated list of some of the best places that will set the perfect mood for all those mushy first dates.  

The Salt House

We've always been a sucker for open-air places. Cool breeze, candle-light dinner and whiff of palatable food - get to experience all this and more at The Salt House. Located in Shakespeare Sarani, this rooftop hub is perfect for both daytime and late night dates. Their outdoor space is straight out of Pinterest and forms a perfect backdrop for Insta-worthy pictures (don't miss out on mushy selfies to make your squad green with envy!) From creamy pasta, wood-fired pizza to even healthy options, the food here will still satisfy both your belly and soul.

8th Day Cafe & Bakery

If you're about to date a coffee-addict, you better make a list of the places serving best caffeine in town. And don't forget to bookmark this cafe. Make your date try their Nitro Coffee and we bet this is unlike any other cold coffee they've ever tasted. Their Butter Coffee, made with unsalted butter, coconut oil and coffee, is equally enriching. As they say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee!

Wise Owl

Located at Hindustan Park, the laid-back terrace at Wise Owl is one of the nicest rooftop terraces we have in the city. It's perfect for those endless adda sessions on a cosy monsoon evening or a chilly afternoon. Don't forget to order their lip-smacking starters, gigantic burgers and juicy steaks - to add some 'hiss' to your romantic evenings.


If you're a Shah Rukh by heart and can't wait to serenade your Senorita with the Kolkata skyline in the backdrop, we bet this is where you should be. Hanging lights, a rooftop pool, a lounge and insane views of the city skyline - come on nothing can be more romantic than this. Who knows your first date might turn out to be the golden day of your first kiss as well! (Ahem!) 


Marbella's is this quaint, pretty-looking cafe that's sure to give you Spain-like feels. Take a seat in the 'isoulation' section, away from all the noise with no one to disturb. 

Capella - AltAir Boutique Hotel

If you’re headed here post seven, be prepared for a more lounge-like atmosphere. With ample outdoor seating, a heated infinity pool and a jacuzzi, this is where you would want to spend time with your partner. Grab a table outside close to the beautiful glass windows and enjoy the birds’ eye view of Salt Lake. 

Sienna Store & Cafe

Located in Hindustan Park, Sienna Cafe is a small yet cosy eatery that serves amazing tea and coffee. I recommend you visit Sienna Cafe during the evenings, with all the lights turned on and the place looking like a glittering galaxy. Actually, it's great during the day too. If you're looking for a nice, quiet time with your partner, this is where you should be.