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Beef, Moong Dal & Onion: These Places Have The Most Unique Samosas In Town

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We spoke to a few Kolkata people and have rounded up the best and the most unique samosas in the city. Head to these places to satisfy your shingara/samosa cravings for prices as cheap as INR 5 a piece! Do you have your own favourite samosa joint? 


This iconic restaurant near Nakhoda Masjid gives you delicious beef samosas for INR 12 a piece. The slightly flaky crest of the samosa compliments the meat filling and spices. With such limited places to find well-prepared beef dishes, Sufia is a must-try for these samosas. 

New Saurashtra Nimki House

Saurashtra is one of the most famous places in Kolkata for its array of Gujarati snacks. But the one thing that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd are the unique and delicious onion samosas. At just INR 10 a piece, these petit triangles filled with mashed potato and fried onion are a huge hit. For those who find onion in a samosa sacrilegious, they also have regular ones for the same price.

Sharma Snacks Center

Another city favourite, Sharma’s in Bhawanipur serves what Bangalis call the ‘boma’ or bomb samosa. These are typical North Indian samosas – massive in comparison to local Bengali ones and come for INR 7. Pair these cumin-infused potato parcels with some of their famous lassi and you’re done for the evening. They also serve a really good samosa chaat with chholey.


This roadside eatery on Sarat Bose Road is a Kolkata favourite and packed with people on any given day. Their samosas come for INR 7 a piece and are always in huge demand. Order this with their chai and you are set for the evening. 

Shree Krishna Sweets

This vegetarian restaurant in Bhawanipur has delicious Chinese samosas at INR 10 a piece. Filled with vegetables, paneer and chowmein, they are incredibly flavourful. 


Also in Bhawanipur, Relish has amazing {and unique} moong dal samosas at INR 15. 

Tewari Brothers

At INR 16, the samosas at Tewari Brothers are hailed by many ardent fans as the best in the city. Their filling – made with ghee and laced with aamchur {dry mango power} – is one of a kind! Even people who aren’t samosa fans will change their minds after trying the ones here. And they have multiple outlets at Barabazaar, New Alipore, Kankurgachi, and Minto Park.

Tamara At Pipal Tree Hotel

Pipal Tree’s take on samosas makes us a bit hesitant but their Chocolate Hazelnut Samosa with ice cream is bound to inspire strong opinions. And yes, the price is a tad high at INR 275.

The Bangali Shingara

Once upon a time, shingaras with high tea was a quintessential snack in Kolkata for guests. The Bangali shingara stands out {head and shoulders} from the rest because of its filling – tiny cauliflower pieces, fresh peas, potatoes and sometimes even cashew and raisins. Combined with a dash of roasted cumin powder, they take the samosa to a different level. These are of course best made at home. Around the city, the some of the best places to get them are at well-known Bengali sweet shops like Mouchak {multiple outlets}, Mrityunjoy Ghosh & Sons on Sarat Bose Road, Deshabandhu Mishtanna Bhandar in Barabazar, Balaram and Radharaman Mullick in Bhawanipur, and Putiram on College Street.


Apanjan on Sadananda Road near Kalighat is a South Kolkata favourite, known for their incredible mutton and chicken samosas. These little triangles of meaty goodness go for just INR 20 a piece and are so popular that the place almost always has a queue of hungry customers and online delivery boys.