This 50 Year Old Cultural Centre Is Synonymous With Kolkata's Art & Culture Scene

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What Makes It Awesome

We all have heard of Birla Academy of Art & Culture. But how many of us managed to visit the place? Set up in 1967, this 50-year old museum and cultural centre is synonymous with Kolkata's art landscape.

Birla Academy emphasises particularly on visual and performing arts. The centre deals in collecting, preserving and displaying artefacts, hosting exhibitions of Indian and international artwork, organising cultural performances and offering educational programmes.

The museum inside the Academy traces the evolution of Indian art, from the 1st century BC to the present day. Calling all art connoisseurs. The museum houses works of several ace contemporary Indian artists as well as specimens of modern western art. Did we tell you that there’s a beautiful garden on its premises, which is often used for open air expositions, art-fairs and cultural performances.

What's even more interesting? To scout for hidden and young talent, the Academy organises All India Annual Exhibition, one-man shows, group shows and kala melas throughout the year. Here's a chance to inculcate your hidden talent.

Good news for all aspiring artists! To promote artistic activities, the Academy offers its 2nd and 4th floor galleries, including the auditorium, to artists and art groups. Imagine showcasing your work at one of the topmost exhibition centres in Kolkata!


The centre also conducts lectures, seminars, workshops, film screenings and art appreciation classes. Time for some brainstorming!