Bombaim Is Bringing A New Label Of Kashmiri Pashmini Saris To Kolkata

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Fashionistas and shopaholics, here’s something new to add to your already enviable collection. Richa Kanoi’s brainchild Bombaim is launching a new label AraDNA by designer Aaradhana Jhunjunwala to give you the best of Kashmiri pashmina saris. Sounds amazing? Well, here’s all you need to know before heading to the store on Sunday.

What Is It?

One of Kolkata’s leading fashion stores that curates cutting edge contemporary designers as well as avant garde home-grown labels, Bombaim, with its minimalist décor and designer Richa Kanoi’s expertise, houses well-known  labels like Abraham & Thakore, Shivan Naresh, Amit Aggarwal, Bodice, Ikai and others. Add another name to this brilliant list because this Sunday they are launching AraDNA in their store.

Pashmina + Saris = Kashmiri Pashmina Saris

Set aside the pashmina shawls and ponchos now because winter is gone, and because designer Aaradhana Jhunjhunwala and her team is combining pashmina weaving techniques with her contemporary eclectic designs to make the whole nine yards of a sari.

The novel concept gives you a good chance to add something beyond the regular. The essence of Kashmir couldn’t have been more brilliantly captured in the saris because the team has roped in traditional pashmina weavers from Kashmir itself. Besides, helping these indigenous craftsmen, AraDNA boasts of authentic traditional weaves and patterns. This entire collection is built around the cashmere {pashmina} textile that is primarily sourced from the wool of the Changthangi goat.


Anything Else?

AraDNA is coming to the shelves in Bombaim on February 4. Prices of the saris in this collection start at INR 39,000 and go up to INR 75,000. So, make a beeline to Bombaim and grab these signature pashmina saris to add to your wardrobe.

What: AraDNA launch.

Where: Bombaim.

When: February 4.


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