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Eight Books That Will Make For A Perfect Fathers’ Day Gift For Daddy Dearest

    Dads can be tough to shop for. Come fathers’ day and I start scratching my head wondering what to get Daddy Dearest. You can only buy a man so many ties and tools and techy toys, after all. But if he enjoys reading, you’re in luck. I personally feel there’s nothing more thoughtful than giving a book as a gift. So, here goes my list on the best books you can get for your father to make his day. 

    Life Is a Party by David Burtka

    For the culinary dad - this book is one hell of a cooking party. Chef, actor, and entertaining authority David Burtka has put in all the secrets that you need to throw a memorable party, or to make a delicious weeknight meal without breaking a sweat. In here are countless delicious recipes and themes that you and your dad can probably try out together on fathers’ day. Don’t forget to click a selfie with your dad and his creations after the cooking storm has passed!

    Pops by Michael Chabon

    This book is a gorgeous meditation on fatherhood. Just the kind of reading that will tug at your dad’s heartstrings (and might make him weep too). The book opens with Chabon's famous GQ essay about watching his son fully embrace himself at Paris Fashion Week, and goes on from there with 6 other beautifully written essays about fathers. My single takeaway from this: It's not the big moments, but rather the small things of everyday life that carry the most weight. So, don’t just stop at getting your Pa this book, go a step further and read it aloud to him.

    Every Tool's a Hammer by Adam Savage

    Does your dad spend most of his Sundays tinkering about the house with his tool box in tow? Then he will love this book! Adam Savage, star of the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, will challenge your dad to take a deeper look at what inspires him when it comes to "making and molding, building and breaking". He offers his own tips and tricks along the way about his favorite techniques and tools, which is sure to be a big hit with the handyman dad. 

    Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

    If your dad grew up in a big family, he will totally relate to this rip-roaring book’s hilarious takes on everything that growing up with a lot of people in the house entails. Comedian Jim Gaffigan gets real about living the life of a parent who's unexpectedly outnumbered by his five kids. A word of caution here: when the fathership unwraps this book, just make sure that he doesn’t judge the one by its cover (or name!).

    The Small-Town Sea by Anees Salim

    This book is quite the paradox - it’s funny yet painfully sad. A tale of a thirteen year old boy who is uprooted from a bustling city and is planted in his father’s home town. Anees Salim, the author, beautifully captures his adventures with a new friend, settling in his new life only to be once again unsettled by his father’s death. Just the kind of read your Pa would love indulging in on a relaxed rainy afternoon. 

    To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    If your dad is an avid reader, chances are he has read this one already. If you can’t find To Kill A Mockingbird on his shelves, don’t think twice before getting him this book for fathers’ day. Has there been a more iconic dad to grace the pages of a book than Atticus Finch? I think not. If you do find it on his shelf, fret not. Get on Amazon and order the stunning graphic novel adaptation of this classic. Daddy dearest will thank you for it.

    Second Nature: A Gardener's Education by Michael Pollan

    Does your dad have a green thumb? This thoughtful, beautiful book of essays about modern man's place in the natural world would inspire even a non-gardener to start growing saplings. It is an absolute joyous celebration of the relationship that humans share with Mother Earth. Be prepared to watch your dad stay up late and laugh out loud while reading this one. Want to make the gift of this book more meaningful? Get your dad a succulent to go with it.

    Dad’s Own Cookbook by Bob Sloan

    So your dad loves to cook but can’t? Don't give him another apron with a clever meme about men who cook. Instead get him this wonder of a cookbook - Dad's Own Cookbook. It’s a perfect beginners guide on how to cook, starting from how to hold a knife to chopping & steaming tips to perfect lunchbox sandwiches and treats. Basically everything your dad needs to know on how to navigate the kitchen like a pro. If your dad is fearful of the kitchen - It's probably time to make him the new hero of the culinary world with the gift of this book.