We Took INR 500 To BookTuk And Came Back With Piles Of Amazing Books

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What Makes It Awesome

Have we told you about this shop called BookTuk in Kalikapur that sells books by weight? About INR 200-300 a kilo. Recently we went with just INR 500 and you won’t believe the loot we brought back home!

In the store stood a table that had a pile of Alexander McCall Smith titles! 44 Scotland Street series to the Isabel Dalhousie Mysteries — all for sale by weight! For those who love the good old classics and are on the lookout for older editions, BookTuk is a good place to browse. From the yellowish-cream late 80’s Penguin paperback collection to the black cover paperbacks from early 2000, you’ll find a whole range of Penguin classics. Hugo to George Eliot, Disraeli and Johann Wyss, they stock a good mix of old and modern classics, and adult and children’s fiction. We bagged around eight of them for under INR 500, but it’ll mostly depend on the weight of each book that you pick. But for sure the loot will be big because where else will you find more than two books for INR 500?

We can only imagine the excitement of football lovers when you'll find ‘the-rarely-available-in-bookstores’ Bloomsbury’s Ultimate Football Heroes series quietly tucked in one of the shelves in BookTuk. We found a whole lot of them in the fresh stock section. Neymar, Messi, Pogba to the charismatic retired ones like Zidane and Beckham, BookTuk is giving away these ones for as low as INR 320, when even online they are priced at more than INR 600!


Guess, what? We also found some Star Wars books! Though not the entire series, but there were a few to pick up. Oh, and we spotted a super cool Stars Wars visual dictionary too.