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Handmade Ravioli, Wood-Fired Shawarma & Meaty Steaks: Brickwood's New Menu Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Raisa posted on 22 November


Wood-fired everything is what’s on the Brickwood winter menu and we’re loving the warming, hearty new additions.

Italian Love

Not just pizza, Brickwood is ramping it up this winter with their wood-fired take on Italian specials. The highlight of the menu is definitely the mushroom ravioli – handmade ravioli stuffed with mushrooms in a light porcini mushroom sauce, it is warm and hearty and everything you’re looking for in a winter meal. What’s great is even though the sauce is creamy, unlike most other dishes, the sauce is neither gluggy nor heavy so you can easily finish off the bowl of pasta by yourself.

The veggie lasagna is another special one they pulled out of the hat {or rather, out of the oven!}. Layers of silky pasta made in-house is complimented with a tangy tomato-based sauce and a bunch of veggies topped with a generous layer of golden-brown cheese. Even if you’re not a fan of veggies, you’ll still love this dish – it’s the best veggie lasagna in town.

All my pasta lovers, there’s some for you too. We know you’ve tried pesto pasta, but Brickwood now also has pesto pizza! A thin-crust pizza topped generously with chicken and drizzled with the most incredible pesto {that basil flavour really signs through}, you won’t be able to eat just one slice.

Woodn’t It Be Nice

Everything on the menu has a delicate smokiness that comes from the unique taste of food being wood-fired. From the shawarma to the steaks, everything in Brickwood {including their brownies and cookies} is cooked in their custom-made wood-fired oven making the dishes especially inviting in winter.

A first of its kind wood-fired shawarma is on the menu — the chicken in the shawarma has a burnt smokiness you associate with the familiar shawarma yet doesn’t taste exactly the same as every other fast-food style shawarma.

We also love the generously portioned chicken steak – a leg of chicken with just the right amount of smokiness and cooked to perfection, it doesn’t get more warming and hearty than this. Pick a table outside {it’s perfect weather to lounge outdoors} and enjoy the cold, the food and the fairy lights.

Anything Else?

You can now get all these winter specials {and much more!} for your next winter party. Brickwood offers party orders and outdoor catering. Contact the restaurant for more details or drop a message on their Facebook page.

Want to be a part of brand Brickwood? They’re also looking for franchise partners. Contact them on 9836443390 for more details.

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