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Journals & Mags To E-books: This Digital Library Is Keeping Us Busy On Our Phones

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What Makes It Awesome

The romance of reading a tangible book may be hard to pass, but when you are always on the move or is a cog in the busy-urban-life wheel, then lugging around a few extra kilos does seem like a pain. British Council has a digital library that you can access on your phones and tablets, and it's no ordinary resource bank of books and journals we are talking about. Films, music, podcasts, mags - there's an endless world waiting to open up.

Of course we love reading, but you would have to be a living under a rock if you still think reading literary books is the only way that you can add to your knowledge. Films, podcasts, magazines and music are as much a part of learning today as is reading newspapers, research papers and journals. Finding all of these resources together at any place is nearly impossible, but the British Council digital library is armed with all of these and we are losing our marbles over it.

Digital nomads, students, scholars, bookworms, avid readers, film buffs and others - the list could just go on if you are to ask who can use this digital library, best. An app-based library, it has special pages dedicated to books, films, music, podcasts, newspapers, journals and even magazines from across the world. Love graphic novels and comics? They have a separate page just given to this, and you can easily easily borrow any of the The Sandman or Green Lantern volumes!

Looking for journals and other research materials? All of Jstor and ProQuest materials will open up on a click with this library membership. The newspapers and magazines section is the one that completely bowled us over. The library will not only give you access to some of the most popular newspapers and magazines across the world, but you can also read several of their back issues from the library archives. Even better, they have a bank of magazines in different languages (Swedish, Spanish, French etc), and also different editions of newspapers (Times Of India Bengal edition as well as the edition published in Delhi).

More awesomeness, they have a films (in English as well as in foreign languages) and music page that comes close to Netflix in its range, but with a more indie and not-so-mainstream collection. Stream podcasts or music while on the go or make the most of your weekends bingeing on films in the library app.

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What Could Be Better

Only one third portion of  a book can be downloaded at any given time. It somewhat becomes cumbersome to keep downloading a single book several times.


You would need to download the the RB Digital app from the app store (available both in android and iOS platforms) to read the books or access the films or music.