Bow(l) Everyone Over With Bow Ties From These Online Brands!

Bow ties have been a symbol of debonair charm and ultra smartness in the way a man carries himself. Now you can also dress to perfection, with a hint of boyish quirk and get yourselves irresistible bow ties from these online brands.

Indian Bow Tie Company

Jodhpur-based Indian Bow Tie Company is looking to make the bow tie part of your everyday style with colourful and out-of-the-box (they even design them in wood) versions. You can choose to wear bright yellow bow ties with polka dots on them, or a cotton one featuring deep, brown Kalamkari prints, or ones with bold floral prints on your collar. They even give you the option to customise your bow tie!

The Tie Hub

Named perfectly, The Tie Hub gives you options in wool, cotton, knitted and satin fabrics to choose from. Be it the usual plain and geometrical patterns or the more experimental floral and paisley ones, there's something here for every man. But it is their handcrafted wooden bow tie and butterfly sequence bow tie which garner all the attention.

Wood I Bow Tie

Got the finest suit stitched, but feel something’s missing? Hunting for offbeat accessories to uplift your simple looking outfit will now become easier with Wood I Bow Tie. Starting from INR 900, their bows are handcrafted with quality wood such as Ebony, African Zebra, Maple, Walnut etc. There are wooden bow ties smartly paired with modern paisley, golden polka dots, etc. which can elevate any look.


This one's available on our Shop. Tossido mostly likes to keep it simple with its solid textured bow tie for a perfect formal occasion. But you can switch to party mode with a monochrome checkered bow tie or a two-tone woven bow tie. Tossido's bow ties are mostly meant to keep the look minimal.

Oh My Bow

When you explore Oh My Bow's collection, what you'd really like to get your hands on first are its summer reversible bow ties, wherein the colours of the knot are the exact reverse of the bow, making it look like a beautiful reversible accessory. Get yourself an army pattern camouflage bow tie (INR 800) or a floral teal green one, to wear it on a friend's birthday bash.