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OOO Farms

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What Makes It Awesome

With the need for moving toward all things organic, OOO Farms, a Pune-based brand, is giving us more reasons to do so.

What OOO Farms is trying to achieve is not just produce organic supplies indigenously, but also help in afforestation, chemical-free soil prevention, and cleaner and better water table under soil. Their ideology is that if there is no farmer, there is no food.

OOO Farms has an unending variety of rices, grains, flours, oils and other such essential produce. They have a range of aromatic and medicinal rice varieties such as ajara ghansal, ambemohar, kasbai, navara and scarlet among others. You can order for the regular varieties of flour such as khapli, kalyan sona and bansi wheat flour. And if you are one among the health conscious ones (like I am!), the hand pounded jowar, bajra and red nachani flour is the way to go. We would like to expand breakfast options by stocking on the red rice and white rice dosa/dhokla flour mix.

What's more, they even have medicinal honey and ragi bombs (laddoos) on offer. Kitchen running short of herbs & spices? OOO Farms has domestic as well as exotic ones at its disposal. Starting with cumin, turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon to Italian basil dry, oregano dry and paprika dry, it's all covered!


They have moved 63 tonnes of produce from the farmlands to the needy during the lockdown period, in turn, helping the farmers make money by selling their produce.