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Adorn Your Wall With Geek Posters From This Online Accessory Brand

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Psycho Store

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're that typical nerd who is into gaming, comics, animes and mangas, this recommendation is definitely for you. But we are not saying anyone else not having these common interests, cannot enjoy the products which Psychostore has to offer.

Merchandise like posters and coffee mugs which come with pop culture references (be it a picture or a quote), just adds to the trophy collection. This online store gives you a chance to adorn your room's walls with the coolest posters, available on 12 x 18 glossy paper. A black poster which says 'Another One Bites de_dust', with the picture of an AK-47 is just the thing Counter Strike fans need! Become the epicenter of envy among all Half-Life fans with the Gravity Gun poster! The posters are priced at INR 249.

If you played Contra in your childhood, then the The Spread Gun (also known to gamers as Spread, Spread Shot, Spray Gun or Shotgun) or S Power mug is the coolest thing to have your coffee in. But for us, nothing could beat a badass Assassins Creed coffee mug. The coffee mugs are priced at 349. So go ahead and gift your gamer friend this mug to make his or her day!


Psychostore also has a section filled with creative t-shirts. Apart from video games, you will also find t-shirts related to Pokemon, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Death Note.