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This Brand’s Handmade Mukhwas Is More Than Just A Mouth Freshener

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Tummy Pops

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What Makes It Awesome

I have a big dabba of mukhwas resting on my dining table that I dig into after my meals. It works as a great palate cleanser and digestive. So, I was excited to see what Tummy Pops had to offer. Turns out this brand’s mukhwas is more than just a mouth freshener.

Completely handmade in small batches using traditional recipes, and sun-dried to retain freshness, their mukhwas comes with a host of health benefits. The brand only uses fresh and wholesome ingredients without any added preservatives, so the flavours stimulate your taste buds well, leaving your breath fresh as well as pep up digestion. They have 9 flavours based on ingredients that are known for their digestive and gut-cooling abilities in Ayurveda combined with Indian herbs and spices – Paan Mukhwas, Saunf, Khajoor, Anardana, Gulkand, Jeera, Nimbu, Spice-Mix and Pipli. Craving for Calcutta’s meetha pan? Tummy Pops has bottled it up for you in the form of a mouth freshener. They have added a twist to the original Anardana by combining it with spices and sun-drying it to make Churan Golis. Perfect for those who love the drama of something that’s sweet and spicy. The mukhwas comes packed in reusable glass jars and resealable paper refill pouches.


Besides mukhwas, Tummy Pops also does home-made chocolates, granola and muesli.