#VocalForLocal: Embrace Adivasi Heritage With This Odisha Brand's Beautiful Sarees And Dresses


    What Makes It Awesome

    This Odisha brand's easy-breezy and casual, bohemian style dresses will remind you of many things - holidays by the beach, a 60s kind of Parisian elegance and your grandma's light cottons. 

    Now is a good time to move away from popular style trends and focus instead on buying (and supporting) sustainable fashion from local brands. Galang Gabaan is a fashion brand from Odisha which radiates an artsy uniqueness in the way they make clothes. Almost like wearable art, this brand showcases an avant-garde style with traditional threads. Check out the easy-breezy and stylish sarees and dresses in linen (and blends of linen). Full of light textures, rich embroideries, delicate colours and handwoven lushness, these are made using old techniques, some from our rich adivasi heritage. 

    Galang Gabaan was set up by NIFT graduate Lipsa Hembram with an aim to promote Odisha's rich variety of textiles and handicrafts and make them more contemporary. The name 'Galang Gabaan' is in Santhali and translates to creating something with love. Expect sarees and dress made with organic fabrics from Koraput in Odisha and beautiful and one-of-a-kind Santhal sarees. So if you are looking to add an eclectic urban aesthetic to your wardrobe, pick your dresses here.