This Cloud Kitchen Has Introduced Healthy Snacks & We're Placing Our Orders Already!

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What Makes It Awesome

Binge eating just got a whole lot fun and guilt-free because Binge Bae Fikar has introduced a whole new range of snacks that are both healthy and tasty!

Munch on stuff like Chocolate Makhana, Pudina Makhana, Peri Peri Pita Chip, Ragi Nachos. Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Wasabi Jhal Muri, Granola Bar, organic Peanut Butter, Crossiant and Brownies. They've also got gluten, butter, sugar and dairy-free options. Best part? They've specially curated recipes for all you vegans as well as those on keto or gluten-free diets. Also, all of it is roasted or baked. So, no fried food!

Ditch the regular ones and go for the Pudina Makhana rich in protein and carbs. They're also high on fibre and low on calories and help you lose weight. But if you have a weakness for chocolate, then go for the vegan and gluten-free Chocolate Makhanas. The multigrain, low-fat pita chips in Peri Peri flavour is the perfect alternative to the unhealthy potato crisps. We loved the Ragi Nachos too!

The roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds are available in Peri Peri, and garlic herb and cheese flavours respectively. That's not it. Even jhal muri has become healthier thanks to the brand's Wasabi Jhal Muri that checks cholesterol, fights cold and detoxifies the body. Munch on sugar free dark chocolate energy bars topped with rose petals, nuts and seeds or granola bars (made of oats, nuts and seeds and sweetened with dates dipped in sugar free dark chocolate) to curb those in-between meals cravings. 

Gorge on brownies without feeling guilty because they're sugar, dairy and gluten-free yet so tasty!


Call on +91 9830229156 or +91 9830603264 to place your order. They are also available on Swiggy and Zomato. You will soon be able to order through their website as well once the payment gateway is up and running.