It's Time We Switch To A Better Diet With Snacks From This Healthy Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    We all have grown up eating our regular grains. But Millennova Foods right here, is aiming to bring a kind of revolution in our food habits. The brand believes millets will completely replace wheat, rice and other traditional foods.

    Since consumption of millets is somewhat a rarity, they decided to sell millet-based vegetables & fruit snacks, which you can order online (and they are also available on LBB!). Explore their website and you will get to know a thousand reasons on why millet is a better alternative than wheat and rice (including the fact that Millets contain 10 times more dietary fibre than wheat & rice, which is key to a healthy digestive system).

    Try out their ginger zests made with ginger, honey & pulses, which has zero trans fat, zero maida, zero wheat (basically gluten-free) and no artificial additives or preservatives. We also quite like the power beets, which has beetroots, lime and pulses. It's basically the perfect guilt-free snack for the health conscious and fitness enthusiasts.

    Millennova snacks are also available in banana and carrot flavours, and you can choose from 6-pack, 8-pack and 10-pack options. You order two sets and your post workout munching is taken care of!


    We have never seen a brand put this much detailing into a particular product, because when you click on a certain flavour, the page lists each every minute detail, right from which ingredients are used, why they have been used in that particular combination and what are the benefits of each every ingredient. So you are not just buying a pack of munchies, but a whole diet chart with it!