Taste The Old Delhi Style Delicious Biryani & Kebabs At Chaccha Jaan!

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What Makes It Awesome?

In the era of the cloud kitchen, Kolkata got introduced to Chaccha Jaan Biryani and Kebab Waale quite sometime back. They specialize in Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) style Mughali fare.

In starters, Mutton Galauti Kebab blew me away with its smooth texture and smoky charcoal flavour. It goes so well with the saffron tinged Ulta Tawa Paratha. I did try Aslam Bhai Ka Butter Murgh, which is a whole grilled chicken inside tandoor and drenched with butter. However, if I compare it with its origin, I would prefer a hint of sourness and mintiness in the flavour.

In biryani, Gosht Degh Biryani has a subtle, alluring flavour of masala and kewra. A perfect Awadhi style! Of course, it has its egg and potato in it. Hazratganj Chicken Tikka Masala Biryani was equally acceptable with the confluence of tikka gravy and Kolkata biryani. Still retaining its moisture and not overdone with runny sauce. Special mention of the excellent meat and rice quality.

In mains, Gosht Ka Akbari Qorma cooked with ghee (clarified butter) and whole spices in a copper vessel. I would personally a velvety finish to the gravy and prominence of spices in the flavour. Little bland to my preference.