Listen To The Call Of The Wild And Visit This Forest In The Dooars

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    Chilapata forests in Dooars is a lesser known place in the north of Bengal. Chilapata is just 20 km from Alipurduar and very much near Hasimara town. Also, it's very close to Jaldapara National Park. If you are a lover of the wilderness, the forest is brimming with life. The wildlife is especially attractive and the chiaroscuro of the biodiversity will leave you enchanted with more than 20 species of carnivores, 175 types of birds and close to 22 species of reptiles. 

    Whether you are lover of history or not, you have to visit the Nalraja Garh. It is a 15th-century fort built by the Guptas and exudes considerable archaeological interest. Try something adventurous with Chilapata's jungle safari, towards Mendabari watchtower and Kodalbasti village. Undertaking the safari will increase your chances of spotting leopards, rhinos, bisons, sambals and cheetahs among others.

    If you are the more relaxed type, tonga rides through the Mathura tea garden is the ideal place to retreat without anything to worry about. If you think that's all, your evenings can be sorted by cultural performances from the Rabha Tribal community. 


    Don't worry about where to stay because the West Bengal State Forest Development Agency (WBSFDA) runs an eco-tourism resort at Kodalbasti, providing basic accommodation. Or you can also opt for the forest guest house built by  West Bengal Forest Department Corporation.