This Brand's Making Super Chic Bags Using Only Textile Waste

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What Makes It Awesome

#MadeFromNothing - Quite a catchy catchphrase, no? It's pretty much the reality at Chindi - a company that empowers marginalised women from Mumbai by enabling them to create (and sell) quirky, one-of-a-kind pieces made from textile waste.

Upcycled products hold a special space in our hearts, so brands like Chindi are always a joy to find! As consumers, we don't ever realize the sheer enormity of the amount of waste we produce, and while we're all becoming conscious about our plastic use, diets and more, the impact of fast fashion still remains a huge environmental issue. The fate of any textile waste is usually a landfill where it’s incinerated. To try and reduce mindless disposal of this waste (and counter the environmental problems that come from burning the fabric), Tanushri Singhal founded Chindi.

Chindi actually recycles textile waste produced by consumers like us, and turns it all into darling pouches, sling bags, scarves, and totally adorable totes! They also have a shopping bag that you can carry with you whenever you're headed to fill up the pantry and fridge. They also have the cutest batuas (coin purses!).

The Chindi Women’s Centre is run out of Mankhurd, Mumbai and serves as a support base, mentoring facility and creativity launchpad for the women who make these upcycled pieces. Empowering artisans, staying ethical and helping the planet heal - needless to say Chindi is one of the coolest upcycling brands we have come across.