This Brand Puts Kitschy Books, Pop Culture & Cityscapes On Your Clothes

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What Makes It Awesome

Move over boring off-the-racks fashion and conventional cuts. We're up for kitsch and quirk that's stylish on spot and standout every time. And Kolkata brand Chlorofeel is set out to give us just this look and let us be the cynosure wherever you go.

Stylish yet comfortable, clothes that speak for you make for perfect everyday essentials, and Kolkata brand Chlorofeel has just that kind of collection. Designer Sreemoye Nag is passionate about translating our favourite culture into fashionable attire. Books to pop culture, folk art and city scapes, she has captured them all. Tagore's Shahaj Path to Uttam-Suchitra, the essential Indian kitschy colourful truck and pop colour ice creams, Sreemoye's sarees and blouses have room for all your faves. Mostly hand embroidered and some hand block-printed, these appear as statement motifs on blouses and crop tops or run along the whole nine yards of a saree.

Her pieces are steeped in Kolkata nostalgia - check out her hand block-printed Coffee House saree and the Pather Panchali one that has scenes from the film along with Ray's profile etched on the fabric. Her 'constructed saree' (structured with different fabrics, textures and handicrafts) is a signature item and a great choice to voice the multiple facets of our personality.

Gamcha, ikat, shibori and khadi, cut and patched with embroidery, frills, tie and dye and other crafts make for an interesting boho look. The smart gamcha kaftans are perfect to keep you on top of your every day fashion game. Her blouses and crop tops are a different standout story altogether. We loved the single prominent embroideries of pop culture motifs like Ms Hawa Hawai from the iconic film Mr India, the trains, gramophones and city motifs like the Victoria Memorial.


Check to see what is in stock. Orders take around two to five days to deliver. If something is not in stock, be prepared for a wait of 10-15 days, at the least.