Soup To Khakra: Have You Tried This Sinful All-Chocolate Thali In Town Yet?

Ahona posted on 27 November


Desi Klub presents to you every chocolate lover’s dream — eight sinfully good dishes all in one thali!

The Chocolatey Breakdown

Love chocolates, but tired of the same old things? Craving dessert on your cheat day? Well, here is something new and interesting. Desi Klub has a chocolate dessert like never before, The Chocolate Thali. We tried this and lost ourselves in a blissful chocolatey dream.

Desi Twist

This thali serves Chocolate Srikhand and Chocolate Gulab Jamun. And if that was not enough, they surprise you with a chocolate khakra on the side —the sweetness of the chocolate does not dominate the saltiness of the khakra, and acts as a timeout from the chocolate overload.

The gooey texture of the srikhand will make all the srikhand lovers go gaga! Dig into the chocolate-centered hot gulab jamun with some chocolate ice cream, it’s a great combination!.

Ever heard of Chocolate Soup? No, unless of course you were reading Willy Wonka. Well, we hadn’t either, till we tried this! Remember the big lollipop in all the candy stores, the one we all craved? Desi Klub serves the milk chocolate version of that. Dip it in the chocolate soup and take a big bite!

Anything Else?

It’s not over yet! Chocolate Swiss Rolls {which have a hint of orange zest}, Chocolate Balls, Chocolate Truffle and the Chocolate Ice Cream — all these together make up this monster of a thali, which you should definitely try!

This thali is good enough for two and will set you back by INR 415.

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