These Silk Batik Scarves & Stoles Are Perfect For Your Spring Wardrobe

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Silk Batik Scarves & Stoles


Looking for something that shouts out “spring is here”? Or perhaps a gift for someone special? Bunosilo’s scarves are the perfect choice.

Colour Me Spring

If there’s a must-have accessory for spring this year, it’s Bunosilo’s silk scarves and stoles in batik. In vibrant yellows, reds, greens and oranges, and with nature-inspired patterns, they will give you major spring feels. However you wrap it, these mood-lifting colours will perk up any outfit. If you like wearing monotones but need a splash of colour, they are the easiest way to incorporate some funk. The silk is habotai {traditionally woven in Japan, it’s mostly woven in China today} because it’s soft, supple, and the gives the right volume without being bulky. Soft and silky, they can be knotted at, or slung around, the neck or swept around in any number of styles. Bunosilo works with artists from Midnapur district skilled in Bengal’s traditional wax-resist batik dye, though the designs and patterns used are not the traditional Bengal batiks you will see around in Kolkata.

Guilt-Free Shopping

They retail at INR 1,700 each. You can order them online here. The best part? It’s ethical fashion — so you can buy guilt free. They use natural fibres, support ethical suppliers and source elements locally with fair pricing.