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Join Sienna Today And Be Part Of A Community Clean-Up Drive

Sayani posted on 05 June

What Is It?

Here’s a reminder. Today, we’re celebrating World Environment Day as the host country this year, The theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. But the efforts made today must be carried on throughout the year to protect and preserve our environment for a sustainable living. Community projects are a great way to continue the effort, and here’s one that’s spearheaded by one of our fave city cafes that you can be a part of. Starting today, join Sienna in their community clean up drive that aims to keep our streets clean and to achieve proper waste disposal.

Who Is It For?

It’s for every one of us who foresees sustainable living conditions on earth. As a long-term project, anyone can be a part of it any time, and like Sienna can help reduce plastic waste by using biodegradable alternatives (like using copper straws or cloth bags instead of plastic ones.)

Why Should I Go For It?

Global warming is no new news to us, and any effort taken to prevent the emission of greenhouses gasses is a great effort. Food and green waste when thrown in a landfill decomposes to release the harmful greenhouse gas methane. And when these get disposed in the seas, the sea creatures ingest it, which we humans ultimately consume! So, join in the drive and help Sienna spread the word about composting natural waste and segregating recyclable and landfill waste. As Sienna sponsors three different bins to keep the neighbourhood clean, we can follow the same in our neighbourhoods too.

Anything Else?

You can join the staff of Sienna in their neighbourhood clean-up drive from 2pm onwards.

What: Community Clean-up Drive.

Where: Sienna Cafe.

When: Starts today (but it is an ongoing project).

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