Get Healthy Meal Boxes Delivered At Your Workplace Place From Wabi Sabi

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The struggle of eating healthy is real, especially when it comes to work-space where in-between meetings and cubicles lunch boxes are usually ignored. Whether you're bored of your day-to-day food or are out of time to cook up a healthy meal, Wabi Sabi has corporate meal boxes for your office hours.

Shoo off manic Monday thoughts with their Chinese meal box which comes with a option of rice and noodles or light up your TGIF mood with their Italian meal with an assortment of rissoto, pasta, gnocchi and garlic bread. A classic Indian thali is surely a favorite or you can try their Thai meal box for a change.

Everything on their meal box menu is vegetarian and comes with vegan-friendly options, reaches to your office at a price point of INR 180. One can come down and dine-in or order them from any delivery app.