All-Day Breakfasts & Pinterest Décor: The Country House Has It All


    What Makes It Awesome

    The Country House on Allenby Road is where all the bloggers head to spruce up their Insta-accounts. On the ground floor they have a little outlet where you can pick up baked goods and pastries. Walking up the stairs, you’ll see a giant bright colourful mural on the wall. The white exposed brick walls are adorned with wooden panels, team mugs and indoor plants.

    The giant French-style windows allow generous amounts of sunlight to stream in to the café giving you the perfect lighting for your next DP. If you go in the evening, they switch on the fairy lights outside which illuminates the café in a warm glow.

    The café is ideal during brunch hours (even though they open as early as 8 am!). Do pancake stacks with warm syrup get your heart beating faster? Are eggs in every way (Benedict, Devilled or Frittata) your one true love? Adore your waffles savoury not sweet? Country House has it all. If you want a totally Instagram-able Sunday brunch, here’s where you need to go.

    The coffee is served in totally Tumblr mugs – they have captions like ‘Coffee as black as my soul’ and ‘Zombie vaccine’ on them. Even the juices are served in unconventional glasses (they look like inverted lightbulbs).

    Although they started out as a veggie café, they now have an all-non vegetarian menu as well. Soups, pastas, main courses, salads are all up for grabs. Their Nutella waffles are famous –four sections of warm golden waffles topped generously with a heap of Nutella.


    The weekends tend to get crowded. If you’re looking for some quiet time alone with your book or a chance to catch up with an old friend, go on weekdays — you’ll find the cafe quiet and idyllic.